The Relevancy Ring ESP Buyer’s Guide 2019

Adobe earned universally high customer satisfaction marks in virtually all areas that The Relevancy Group Measures.

Each year, The Relevancy Group publishes “The Relevancy Ring,” a quantifiable measurement of leading enterprise email service providers. Over a three-month period, the analyst interviewed marketers about their needs and aspirations, then Evald how each vendor satisfied those goals. The vendor’s functionality was based on three themes: Automation, Analysis/Attribution, and Real-Time.

Adobe’s vision is ‘changing the world through digital experiences.’ Adobe Campaign is a comprehensive solution for the orchestration, launch and measurement of personalized cross-channel marketing campaigns, that fuel meaningful customer experiences.

While Campaign is part of the larger Adobe Marketing and Experience Clouds, it can also be deployed in a hybrid manner where the data elements reside in the customer’s data center or cloud, and the sending and message assembly portions reside in Adobe’s cloud. One area that impressed us was their passion and ability to push the marketer to improve the sophistication of their marketing efforts. Adobe has hooks into the application allowing them to understand how clients are utilizing the tool. If the client is not using parts of the application, then they provide playbook for the customer success manager to have a conversation with the client. This ensures that the marketer iterates, identifies new objectives and moves along the marketing maturity curve.

The solution makes excellent use of real time data providing progressive profiling to address that addresses the customer experience across every channel. Their Sensei AI tool is a framework that optimizes content tagging, dynamic content, offer management and analytics. Marketers that utilize Dreamweaver will love the ability to launch email from within Dreamweaver. The content is synched between the creative and marketing clouds. We like their user interface which is tremendously intuitive.

Adobe Campaign can easily tap into other parts of their marketing cloud including their DMP and analytics. If you are utilizing other aspects of the Adobe Experience Cloud you should give Adobe Campaign strong consideration.

The responses shared in this report come straight from marketers who share our audience’s needs/aspirations. They’re interested in what their peers are doing to overcome familiar challenges; to innovate; to deliver exceptional customer experiences. And they want to know how leading vendors are helping them to achieve their goals.


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