Making the Cross Channel Commitment


Expanding you campaign marketing strategy from few to many channels (or from simple to rich & dynamic execution) can be easy as long as the right steps are taken to “ready” the organization.

Many organizations take the plunge [of expanding campaign marketing strategy] without thinking through what it will really take to make the commitment succeed. In fact, without organizational alignment and the right preparations in place, most organizations find that they struggle to achieve their desired outcomes.

But, doing nothing isn’t an option either. In an increasingly digital world, customers expect seamless, cross-channel touchpoints. They expect you to be where they are, when they are there, with the right content for the moment. If you don’t deliver, your competitors will. And the reality is that to achieve the kind of cross-channel experience your customers demand, especially at scale, technology must play a leading role.

Three best practices for readiness:

  • Buy-in from stakeholders at all levels of the org, by properly articulating the compelling business need,
  • Strong strategic foundation for customer obsessed cross channel (clear and concise goals, audience definitions, investment plan, campaign processes).
  • Clear requirements for the technology that needs to be brought in to augment the talent that is currently in place at the organization.

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