The CFO’s Secret to Global Expansion: Keep Costs Low and Grow Fast

For many companies, expanding internationally has become less an option and more an imperative. Expanding globally can open new revenue opportunities in a new market while also providing access to top talent across the globe. Technology now makes it possible to field a workforce every bit as distributed as a supply chain. Employers can now access the best employees they can get, wherever they may be found—and in some cases, no matter where those employees want to work. Pursuing and achieving these goals can be exhilarating. It also can be fraught with challenges—especially for companies unaccustomed to navigating the legal, regulatory and cultural terrain of an unfamiliar locale. A Globalization Partners and CFO survey of senior finance executives working at companies where expansion abroad is part of their long-term strategy found that 51% believe that legal, HR, or tax compliance challenges have been a substantial barrier to implementing their international strategy. Check out this report to learn more about challenges outlined by survey respondents and solutions to solve your client’s global expansion pain points.


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