Global Business War Stories: 7 Cautionary Tales from the Front Lines of Expansion

The war for talent is heating up. More and more businesses are looking beyond traditional boundaries, considering the entire world to be their talent pool. The ability to add qualified and passionate people from any country can be exciting for your clients. However, hiring in other countries can be complicated and risky. And while terminations are a natural part of doing business, outside of the U.S., your clients should be prepared for some battles. Without help, navigating the intricacies of country-specific labor laws can feel like a minefield of potential legal exposure, expensive litigation, and costly payouts. It’s critical to have local experts working with your clients, watching their back, and charting a course that will help them avoid stepping on any legal tripwires. Wondering what sort of unexpected scenarios they may encounter? Hear about seven actual war stories from the frontlines of what we have seen in this eBook.


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