Modernise and transform your sales organisation

Today’s leading sales organisations use innovative technologies to drive their processes. The enclosed Aberdeen report reveals that companies that modernise their sales processes with technology are 80% more likely to improve retention and 70% more likely to see improvement in their overall attainment of sales goals.

In particular, e-signatures are quickly becoming a key indicator of modernised sales and success. As the report shows, businesses that are sales leaders—defined as “those with the highest profits, most returning customers, and highly effective staff”—are 90% more likely to use e-signature technologies. E-sign solutions, such as Adobe Sign, can help organisations set themselves apart with robust, modern digital experiences that drive retention and save time across your organisation.

Read the report to learn more about how a modernised sales process can drive your business. You’ll also discover:

  • Which specific types of technology drive high levels of success
  • The top characteristics shared by sales leaders
  • The steps you can take to become a leading sales organisation

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