Mind matters: The psychology behind successful onboarding and communications.

Understanding consumer psychology can help you improve communications throughout the customer journey, driving retention and loyalty. Here are communication best practices and the psychology behind them.

In many industries customer onboarding processes are too complex and disconnected from the holistic customer experience, leading to unsatisfied customers. To improve loyalty, brands need to improve onboarding and connect it to the holistic experience.

Consumers need to feel a sense of: ease, relevance, trust, familiarity, belonging, validation, positive emotion, esteem, reward, and being heard.

Generate positive emotions by making customers feel understood. Create real, personalized connections with each customer. Make experiences relevant to their preferences and journey stage. Keep them happy with attractive offers and truly useful content.

To generate loyalty, continually validate the relationship. If you “get them and forget them,” you could create cognitive dissonance–tension in the brain when two conflicting beliefs exist (good start/bad finish). This could cause them to disengage.


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