5 hard truths for marketers driving digital experience

Today, senior marketers are expected to drive their organization’s digital experience and steer its digital-first vision. Making this transformation is critical for success, but martech stacks have never been more complicated. And many marketers just don’t have the defined strategy, budget, understanding or buy-in from the rest of the organization to make change happen.

This puts you in a difficult position. There’s no point trying to leverage technology if there’s no plan, process or budget. Or expecting support and investment from the boardroom when you can’t effectively measure the impact of digital experiences. Even if you’re working towards resolving these issues, data and content challenges are still holding you back and significantly impacting customer experience and revenue.

If you’re going to make your digital-first vision a reality, you need to face the truth. With 5 hard truths for marketers driving digital experience, this eBook will help you understand what’s holding you back and how to move past it to own the experience.


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