State of Dark Data


Industry Leaders Reveal the Gap Between AI’s Potential and Today’s Data Reality

More than 1,300 business and IT leaders in seven leading economies have spoken: They struggle to find all their data – and report that more than half of it is “dark” – untapped and, often, completely unknown. And while they know AI will be transformative, they’re not sure when and how. Finally, many are intimidated by the need to uplevel their own data literacy. Globally, respondents say:

  • 55 percent of organizations’ data is dark. Yet nearly everyone insists data is “very” or “extremely” valuable to success.
  • No more than 15 percent of respondents are using AI today to drive strategy, innovation, efficiency or the customer experience — but more than 60 percent expect that they will.
  • While 92 percent of them are “willing” to learn new data skills, only 57 percent are “extremely” or “very” enthusiastic to work more with data — and half say they’re “too old.”

The State of Dark Data report summarizes findings across the globe, and finds distinct differences in how data and artificial intelligence are regarded in these key economies: Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom.


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