Proving Marketing’s Impact on Revenue

How to quantify the value of marketing and win your next budget battle

In today’s economy, CEOs and CFOs are hyper-focused on cutting unnecessary costs. Any activities that don’t directly benefit the bottom line may be in jeopardy. That leaves marketers increasingly worried that their contributions are seen as “fluffy,” “nice to have,” and expendable. In fact, 53.1 percent of marketing teams surveyed said they are perceived as cost centers, not as revenue centers.

At the same time, the buyer’s journey is expanding to include many more online interactions. Marketers are continually adopting new digital strategies like scheduling paid search and social media ads, working with influencers, and creating virtual events. It can be challenging to know which channels work for your business, industry, and products and to differentiate the channels that get results from those that are a waste of money.

This eBook explains why marketing attribution is critical to your team’s reputation as a revenue driver and provides tactics and strategies for improving it, no matter where you’re starting.


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