Feeding the Content Data Loop


Content and data are created equal in the eyes of the customer experience. Here are five ways you can use experience-centric data to deliver relevant experiences and add value to your content.

Your business relies on content and data to provide customers with the real-time, relevant experiences they expect.

Businesses rely on customer and content-related data to create personalized customer experiences. They measure the performance of that content—along with any new customer behaviors—to deliver even more relevant experiences the next time around. And the cycle goes on.

You need to acknowledge that content and data are now partners in the customer experience. This means treating content like data so the virtuous cycle of data, content, and personalized experiences lives on.

Five ways to turn experience-centric data into unforgettable experiences:

  1. Let data be your guide.
  2. Mind your KPIs.
  3. Centralize and standardize.
  4. Reuse, don’t recreate.
  5. Meet the need in every channel.

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