What You Need to Know for an Easy, Successful CDP Deployment


The CDP Institute Asks Experienced Execs What Works—and What Doesn’t

Tips and Lessons Learned from Companies that Deployed CDPs

If you’ve ever evaluated and implemented a new technology and wished you’d known more going into the project—or you’re evaluating or starting to deploy a customer data platform (CDP) now—this report is a must-read.

The CDP Institute’s Founder David Raab interviewed execs at companies that recently implemented CDPs, and he got their advice for smoother, easier CDP deployments. This white paper includes tips and insights on:

  • How to select use cases—and how many to start with
  • 4 types of CDP implementations, and how to choose the right CDP for your business
  • Planning considerations
  • Preparing and training your people

Don’t get surprised during your first CDP deployment! Get this free report to guide you on your way.

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