Time to Change Channels—and Your Cross-Channel Strategy

How to evaluate and optimize your channels to create a world-class marketing strategy

The digital age has made the business buying process elaborate and, sometimes, tough to map. Today, prospective customers engage with an average of 7.9 touchpoints before making a decision. They might hear about a product on social media, download a white paper, attend a webinar, and then read several reviews. It’s no surprise, then, that 77 percent of business buyers say B2B shopping is too complex.

Because buyers are getting their information from so many different channels, it is critical that they all work well, both individually and together. Disjointed experiences can add weeks or even months to your sales cycles. But when your metrics are telling you that one or more of your channels are failing to engage your audience meaningfully, it can be very difficult to pinpoint what’s wrong.

Troubleshooting your cross-channel performance is worth the effort. It will help you make the overall buying experience better and easier for your customers—and it will help those customers arrive at “yes” much faster.

This eBook can help you diagnose poorly performing channels, implement cross-channel strategies, and quickly improve your results.


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