Exclusive Video: Operationalizing AI and Cloud at Scale: Moving Enterprise to an AI Operating System (AI:OS), With EXL

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In today’s digital world, speed is the only sustainable differentiator. Integrating data-driven technologies like AI, Analytics, and the Cloud into an enterprise’s operations is critical for disruptive differentiation. Join us for real-world stories around enterprises that are redesigning their operating model to align with the new requirements of the AI Operating system (AI: OS).

  • Convert real-world signals into clean operational data leveraging upstream AI solutions
  • Redesign operations by code and embed analytics into operational data flows for greater intelligence
  • Elevating the role of humans in AI/Cloud native operations


Roopak Chadha, Vice President, P&C Growth Leader, EXL

Sumit Taneja, Global Head of Insurance Transformation and Hyperautomation, EXL

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