Digital Fundamentals: Maximizing Paid Media ROI

Originally aired on 9th September 2021

Most B2B companies recognize that paid media is an important channel for generating ROI.

But, many are uncertain about how to best utilize the channel to drive bottom-of-funnel results with top-of-funnel activity.

B2B paid media success doesn’t need to be a black box.

We’re here to help.

About the webinar

In this webinar, Ramon and Daniel will take you through the fundamentals of B2B paid media, from common missteps to strategies for maximizing (and measuring) ROI.

You’ll walk away with practical insights into how to select the right channel mix, align content and KPIs to measure, and actionable recommendations for how to join top-of-funnel execution with mid and down-funnel activity.

What you will learn?
  • Some of the most common missteps B2B companies make when executing paid media campaigns (and how to avoid them)
  • Why B2B and B2C paid media approaches differ, and how to understand the B2C bias built-in to many ad platforms
  • How to use mid and down-funnel data, from lead activity to BDR call feedback, to improve campaign performance & reporting
  • Insights from a real-life case study, where EIMS paid media activity uncovered pain points deep in a client’s funnel

Watch now our on demand “Digital Fundamentals: Maximizing Paid Media ROI” webinar, and get ready to level-up your paid media game.


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