2021 ABM Benchmark Study

Insights into the ABM adoption practices and key performance metrics used by go-to-market and customer expansion revenue teams

We often talk about best practices, but how are companies actually measuring their ABM programs and their business impact?

We teamed up with RevOps Squared to find out. We conducted a study of the ABM practices of 550 marketing professionals representing over 500 companies.

For the first time, we’ve tapped into the performance benchmarks that can serve as a foundation for planning, budgeting, and measuring the impact of account-based programs in 2021 and beyond.

Explore the following insights and more:

  • The average annual contract value (ACV) for account-based deals was 33% higher on average than non-ABM deals
  • 55% of companies say their ABM programs are used for new logos and customer expansion
  • Companies that are dominated by inside Sales teams have 20% more, on average, of their marketing budgets allocated to ABM programs
  • The top 3 key performance indicators tracked by companies are close rate, sales cycle time, and conversion rate by stage

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