MIT Technology Review: AIOps Uses AI, Automation to Boost Security

Discover how artificial intelligence and machine learning can help companies protect against growing cybersecurity threats.

AIOps is a broad category of tools and components that uses AI and analytics to automate common IT operational processes, detect and resolve problems, and prevent costly outages. Machine-learning algorithms monitor across systems, learning as they go how systems perform, and detect problems and anomalies.

Now, as adoption of AIOps platforms gains momentum, industry observers say IT decision-makers will increasingly use the technology to bolster cybersecurity—like Siemens, in integration with other security tools—and guard against a multitude of threats. This is happening against a backdrop of mounting complexity in organizations’ application environments, spanning public and private cloud deployments, and their perennial need to scale up or down in response to business demand.

Further, the massive migration of employees to their home offices in an effort to curb the deadly pandemic amounts to an exponential increase in the number of edge-computing devices, all which require protection.

Download this comprehensive white paper by MIT Technology Review to learn more.

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