Manual Document Process: Why the Majority of SMB’s are Still Stumbling

Most SMB’s rely on manual processes for business critical customer communications.

Some have spent decades following outdated procedures because “that’s the way we’ve always done things.” But doing things the same way never yields different results. Manual processes drive down productivity and employee engagement leaving you at a competitive disadvantage. 

Employees became distracted and disengaged, which inevitably resulted in avoidable errors. Employees were more concerned with finishing monotonous manual tasks than ensuring what they processed was accurate, despite not having a time limit imposed and being given an opportunity to double check their work.

Now, more than ever small to medium-sized businesses are embracing business process automation to increase agility, optimize efficiency and evolve with the times. 

Download our infographic to learn how manual document processes could be getting in the way of your current operations and future success. 

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