Inside the Rapidly Changing World of Robotic Process Automation


Many CFOs will tell you they want to adopt robotic process automation (RPA) — a rules-based system to replace manual finance and accounting processes — but when it comes time to budget money for it, they balk.

The gains finance leaders expect to make from RPA adoption, including more efficient use of staff as they’re freed up for higher-level analytical work, comes years into the future and only after you work through a highly disruptive process.

RPA specialists say executives recognize the technology for its benefits but also widely misunderstand it. To help clear away some of that misunderstanding, CFO Dive has pulled together a selection of its RPA coverage from the past year into this Trendline. We hope you’ll get a clear picture of the technology’s benefits and what it takes to incorporate it into your processes — what’s easy as well as what’s challenging — so you can make decisions regarding it that makes sense for your organization.


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