“Game Over Wi-Fi 6” said 5G

Is this true? Get the answers to this and other key questions from the world’s #1 Wi-Fi vs 5G expert.

In this recorded webinar with Dean Bubley Disruptive Analysis, you’ll find out:

  • What is 5G is today, and what it will look like three years from now?
  • Does 5G/private LTE make Wi-Fi irrelevant?
  • What technology, coverage, and frequencies are supported (CBRS)?
  • What are the use cases where Wi-Fi will triumph against 5G, and vice versa?
  • Can Wi-Fi and 5G share infrastructure and management?

Discover how Wi-Fi engineers, network owners, and systems integrators should prepare for these new technologies – tune in for this epic 1v1 match up!

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