Effectively Manage the Modern Risks of Open Source Code.

An insight into the next-generation software composition analysis (SCA).

This short and to-the-point webinar provides real-world insight into using next-gen SCA, and why it’s so important to the integrity of your software – and your brand.

When your developers use open source components and third-party libraries, you need to be able to find vulnerabilities and manage risk in an automated, repeatable, and consistent fashion.

But traditional approaches to software composition analysis (SCA) are no longer working. Faster time to market requires more automation, integration, and faster feedback cycles.

  • Which open source libraries are being used and do they contain vulnerabilities?
  • Are you spending time wisely on things that will have the biggest impact?
  • How do you streamline open source risk assessment and remediation?

This video will help your management teams, security practitioners, and developers gain an understanding of why they should use integrated software composition analysis, and how it’s essential to the measurement, management, and remediation of open source risk.

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