6 Delinquent Customer Scenarios During COVID-19 and How to Deal with Them

An actionable summary of how collectors can work closely with their customers to recover past-dues faster during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Due to the sudden outbreak, CFOs & Treasurers are focusing on stabilizing the cash flows. Reduction of DSO is one way A/R teams are able to contribute towards this goal. However, a recent Gartner survey indicates that 60% of the CFOs on the buyer end are planning to increase their DPO in order to have more available cash.

Making collection calls can be awkward, uncomfortable, time-consuming and unproductive. As a collector, you must have had the experience of listening to never-ending excuses given by the customers as to why they were unable to pay. As a top performer, you must have a set of strategies which you use to recover from those defaulters, but will those strategies be applicable during the current crisis?

This e-book explains how top-performing collectors deal with the most common excuses and scenarios encountered by them every day at work.

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