5 Best Practices: Reduce Arista, Cisco, SONiC, Juniper DC Deployment to Days

Do you need to deploy new data center switches quickly? Find out how you can reduce your data center deployment from months to days with a tool that assists in design, cabling plans, device configuration along with test and validation of your Arista, Cisco, Dell Enterprise SONiC or Juniper fabric.

In this webinar, you will learn from long-time DC Architect and Cisco press author Jeff Doyle about what you can do so that your physical and virtual deployment steps can happen quickly after your switches arrive.

Learn 5 Best Practices:

  • Design the DC network and develop and validate all configurations, including logical entities, VRFs, and fabrics
  • Create a cabling plan using software tools
  • Use self-documenting software that catalogues your guidelines and assures that your operation teams are operating the network according to your best configuration practices
  • Develop and test your API workflows for your specific environment
  • Gain experience for your teams in operating your updated network in a free virtual environment

Get time back in your design and deployment cycles and get your new gear up and running faster with assurance that your new network setup has been pre-validated and is ready to go.

Stay to the end and Jeff will share how you can get access to a powerful, customizable, free virtual environment for pre-staging and testing your Arista, Cisco, Dell Enterprise SONiC and Juniper EVPN-VXLAN fabrics.


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