4 Software Compliance Gotchas to avoid

How to Bypass Code Issues, Keep Regulators Away, and Stay Out of the News

Many people think software quality and software compliance are completely separate topics. It’s true that these two software attributes are distinct. “Software quality” refers to how well an application works: Does it do what it’s supposed to do? Does it meet the market’s needs? Can the development team easily maintain and upgrade it? “Software compliance,” by contrast, refers to how well an application meets the requirements outlined in certain standards established by government and industry groups. One goal of these standards is to ensure that software isn’t vulnerable to exploits that could lead to security or safety issues, including data breaches, bodily injuries, and even accidental deaths.

In reality, software quality and compliance are closely related: Well-written, high-quality code is less likely to contain the bugs, security vulnerabilities, and structural issues named in software standards. In short, writing quality code goes a long way toward writing compliant code. But the quest for software compliance doesn’t end there.

Modern development teams face significant challenges as they make their way through the complex software standards landscape. This eBook explores four common gotchas your development teams may encounter on their journey to achieve compliance with the standards required in your industry, as well as recommendations for overcoming them.


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