Treasure Data Customers Are Boosting Their Marketing ROI 802% with a Customer Data Platform


Ever Wonder What a Customer Data Platform Could Do for Your Bottom Line?

See how to calculate CDP ROI in this free Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study1

Have you and your team been considering a Customer Data Platform? Are you contemplating whether it is worth the investment? We have 800+ reasons why it is.

It’s not enough to use basic demographic data. You need to efficiently automate your systems to recognize customers who can be persuaded to buy, and make the appeals necessary to close, cross-sell and upsell. This Forrester Consulting study shows what high-performing marketing and sales organizations are discovering: Customer Data Platforms deliver what your bottom line needs. By analyzing the results, Forrester shares these bottom-line boosting results achieved by a composite organization based on interviews with real CDP customers:

  • $8.6M New customers sales from improved targeting
  • $1.3M Larger sales enabled by better segmentation
  • $3.5M Campaign operation cost savings
  • $838K Improved customer retention

To learn more and apply these results to your yearly objectives, download your complimentary copy of “The Total Economic Impact™ of Treasure Data” today.

1The Total Economic Impact™ Of Treasure Data, an October 2019 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Treasure Data

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