Moving to SaaS: Better Data Protection at 50% of the TCO

The IT world is transforming from on-premises hardware and software to cloud computing and infrastructure.

SaaS solutions such as Salesforce led the way, but cloud infrastructure and platforms (IaaS / PaaS) have been gaining strong adoption as well. Why? Because they eliminate or reduce the cost and complexity of maintaining on-premises infrastructure.

Data protection is a prime service to move to a cloud-native architecture, and the TCO savings of moving to the cloud are astounding. Beyond just data protection, a cloud-native solution like Druva enables you to harness the value of your data through streamlined governance, improved compliance, increased visibility and better decision making.

Watch this on-demand webinar where we discuss:

  • Why data protection is your next SaaS transformation
  • Core benefits of SaaS data protection: simplicity, savings, scalability and security
  • How cloud-based data protection provides customers with up to 50% lower TCO
  • Insights into how you can do more with your backup data

Featured Presenters:

  • Mike Palmer, Chief Product Officer, Druva
  • Prasanna Malaiyandi, Director of Product Architecture, Druva

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